Featured in the film and book phenomenon "The Secret!"


Bob Doyle’s voice is his secret weapon – audiences may not see, or rather, hear it coming, but one encounter with his authoritative yet friendly sound, and they’re hooked.

The son of a lifelong broadcaster, voiceover comes naturally to Bob. He’s versatile, going from warm to professional to intimate without ever missing a beat. 

At the age of 13, Bob began writing his own scripts and creating his own audio recordings; his passion for voice acting endured into his adult life. However, Bob put his passion for voiceover on hold to pursue another opportunity as he became one of the featured teachers in the film “The Secret,” helping enable others to follow their own aspirations by way of the Law of Attraction. 

With this experience of being a trustworthy figure in thousands of lives under his belt, it’s now Bob’s turn to actualize his dreams. He has returned to the world of VO, and feels right at home. In fact, Bob has worked with over 10,000 clients in his voiceover work, including Microsoft, Ford, DirectTV, and many, many more.

Working with Bob, you’ll find quick turnaround times, excellent attention to detail, and an ability to nail your message with creativity that knows no bounds. 

A Georgia native, Bob is a man of many interests and talents. He’s a life coach, speaker, and trainer, and is fascinated by artificial intelligence, virtual reality, music and beyond. 

Audience attractor. Versatile voice actor. Your sound secret weapon. There’s no one like Bob Doyle to command a room, and share your message with the world.

Professional. Warm. Conversational. Soothing. Authoritative.
Persuasive. Compassionate. Instructional. Intimate. Upbeat.

30+ Years Industry Experience

You're Here for a Voice. So Here Are Some Samples.

Ok, ok. That was fun. Here are  some more "serious" samples...

Standard Narration

Character Demo

One of my passions is what's called "Synthetic Media" - which is media of all kinds that is created using Artificial Intelligence. 

I create countless digital actors with this technology, often using my own face as the "seed" for all the characters that are created.

Then, I use AI technology to bring these characters to life and give them a voice.

"Audience Attractor - Versatile Voice Actor"
Your "Secret" Voiceover Weapon!

I am proud to have lent my voice to clients like:


Fun Fact: This video is almost
14 minutes of positive reviews 
from the past several months!
Master the Law of Client Attraction!

You’ve heard the demos and you're still here!

I take that as a good sign.
So what’s next? 

How can we begin to manifest your project with the best voiceover possible for your needs?
For nearly 40 years, I’ve been involved in broadcasting and voiceover and am still exhilarated by the process!
To me, voice acting is my favorite form of creative self expression, and using this passion to help people like you realize your own creative vision, is a true honor and privilege.
Whether it’s a straight narration or a fantastical creature that you need, I’ve been playing and performing with my voice for over four decades and am ready to make it happen for you!
If you’d like to hear more demos, or if you’d like to connect to discuss your project, here’s where to head:

If your interest is in character work, then you'll want to head to my Instagram Channel. This is the real showcase for a wide range of bizarre characters, where the faces are - for the most part - generated by Artificial Intelligence with my face as the "seed." 

This allows me to create countless original animated characters where my face is literally a part of all of them in some way.

Here’s a little technical stuff for those of you to whom it matters:

I’m recording with Adobe Audition with the Mackie ProFX12 mixer. My microphone is the amazing
Shure SM7-B, and we all play in a sound-treated booth for optimum recording quality.

We are a Source-Connect Studio

I invite you to find out for yourself why hundreds of people all over the world use me as their "go to VO guy." 

It's a professional and efficient process from beginning to end, and I'm sure you'll love whatever we produce together.


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