Professional. Warm. Conversational. Soothing. Authoritative.
Persuasive. Compassionate. Instructional. Intimate. Upbeat. 

30+ Years Industry Experience

You're Here for a Voice. So Here Are Some Samples.

Ok, ok. That was fun. Here are  some more "serious" samples...

Standard Narration

Character Demo

IVR / Phone systems - I do a lot of phone system messages. You know what I'm talking about. There are examples below.

Miscellaneous Styles - Some of these actually fall into the categories above, but have a very different style. Things like soft, gentle reads would be here, as well as anything over-the-top or otherwise out of the ordinary.

You may have a very particular style you're looking for, so below I have several "dry" reads in various styles for the most popular categories of jobs I do. This is certainly not EVERYTHING I've done, but certainly the most common styles.
Even if these specific styles aren't exactly what you're looking for, I hope it will at least demonstrate the ability to delivery versatility.

Commercial - These are reads that overtly SELL a product or service. The delivery differs somewhat from Explainer videos.

Explainer Videos and VSL (Video sales letters) - These are a large majority of the work I do, and can be delivered in any energy level or tone you want. Having done a lot of business online myself, I have a unique insight into how these should be read.

Training Styles - Perfect for any kind of recorded training materials and programs. Demos below demonstrate a variety of different approaches to keep the material sounding interesting and engaging, where it could otherwise seem dry.

Even More Demos, By CATEGORY

Bob has lent his voice to serve clients like:

Fun Fact: This video is almost
14 minutes of positive reviews 
from the past several months!


I invite you to find out for yourself why hundreds of people all over the world use me as their "go to VO guy." 

It's a professional and efficient process from beginning to end, and I'm sure you'll love whatever we produce together.
If you've been spending hours searching the web for a professional voiceover without having to go through an agency or pay more than you need to, then let me tell you why your search may be over.
But first, I want you to understand how I approach voiceover in general - which is something I've been doing in various forms since 1985. 
But you know? 
It doesn't really matter how long I've been doing it!
What matters are the results I can deliver! Lots of people do mediocre work for many years. So the time isn't the issue.
Having said that, I've got a LOT of time in this industry.
When you're looking for a voiceover artist, you should just have a few questions:
1. Can this person deliver my message in a way that will move people into action?
2. Can they do it at an affordable price?
3. Can they turn the job around on my timetable?
So in your search, perhaps you've run across the service called "Fiverr", where you can find, among many other things, a LOT of voice-over artists making their services available. 
Because this service is open to anyone, you're going to find a wide variety of talent there. But when you look long enough, you'll find that many amazing professionals have made their way to the platform because in general, it's a much smoother, efficient, and economical process for all involved!
Clients (that's you) don't pay agency fees, and the talent works from their own studio. 
All communication, payment, and delivery takes place through the Fiverr platform, and both the buyer and seller are protected by certain rights that make sure the process is an enjoyable and efficient one for all parties.
There ARE a lot of people to sort though, and if you don't find what you're looking for fairly quickly, then you might just move on, assuming that Fiverr is not a valid source of talent.
And in fact, you'll find that many traditionally working voice actors do NOT like that Fiverr exists, and you might be able to understand why. Because people are getting their voice work done less-expensively and faster than in the traditional ways, and when you find the right talentyou're not lacking ANYTHING in terms of quality of the final product.
As a voice talent who played the voice-over game the traditional way - or tried to - for a long time, I found that my lifestyle just didn't work with the system of constantly traveling to studios for work and auditions, and the stress of jobs being few and far between. I had a young family to support, so I landed in radio for many years.
But when Fiverr came onto the scene a few years ago, I decided to give it a try, and I haven't looked back.
Doing the bulk of my voiceover work on Fiverr has allowed me to meet thousands of interesting clients like you, and do a huge variety of work.  And as a professional who takes my craft very seriously - and even teaches it - these are important things.
I tell you all this to simply say that I proudly offer my services through Fiverr because it makes the whole transaction between us simple, well organized, and fairly priced.
So my invitation is this: Before making any snap judgment because I'm offering my services through Fiverr, simply listen to my demos on the videos above. That will give you a good idea of whether or not I may be the right voice for your project. 
If you want to hear more, there are literally hundreds of demos on my Fiverr page that you can hear. Real-world examples that are out there in the world.
Things like:
So if you'd like to work together, there are two ways we can do it.
You can find me on Fiverr by clicking this link. This way we can conduct the entire transaction through Fiverr. My turnaround time is never more than 2-3 days and I have many "rush" options available, even down to 2-hour service in many cases.
All financial transactions will take place through Fiverr, and must stay there, as per Fiverr rules. 
For what it's worth to you, out of nearly 5000 jobs, I am rarely asked for any revisions of any kind. Most clients are thrilled with my first read almost every time. That may not be the case for you, but you can feel confident that you'd be getting professional quality work, regardless of the fact that you're not going through an agency.
Working together through Fiverr is certainly the most streamlined way to handle every part of the process from beginning to end.
But if you'd prefer to have more communication options available...
We can work together directly from this site! 
It's simple. Just contact me via e-mail, and tell me about your project. I will immediately mail you back with a quote and requirements.
My service is fully described at the Fiverr Page, and I have various "extras" to offer like expedited delivery, music backgrounds, and more. You can see my entire list of extra services on my Fiverr page listing.


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